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The Curbwise API - Use our data

We've tried to define actual boundaries for the neighborhoods making up the places we call home. We carved Douglas County into nearly 90 neighborhood areas - usually bigger than a single subdivision and smaller than a ZIP code.

We use our neighborhoods all the time. Now you can use them, too. We offer shapefiles and a PostGIS version for download. We've also created The World's Least Advanced API ™.

The concept is simple: Pass a latitude and longitude, and you get the neighborhood name and some basic stats describing it. Ship a lat/long pair like so:

If that location exists in one of our neighborhoods, you'll get a result. If not, well, you're probably on your own, as we didn't add much by way of helpful errors.

      <hoodname>Dundee South (Elmwood Park)</hoodname>

total2010The total Census 2010 population
total2000The total Census 2000 population
whiteThe total number of whites, Census 2010
blackThe total number of blacks, Census 2010
hispanicThe total number of hispanics, Census 2010
otherThe total in other races, Census 2010. Includes Asian, Native American, Pacific Islander and "Other"
kidsThe total number of residents under 18, Census 2010
kidpctThe percent of the population that is under 18, Census 2010

Keep us posted

Building this API (automated programming interface) was an afterthought. We figured developers or fellow stat fans might enjoy it. Given the limited audience, we have left it simple and unassuming. For now.

We'd love to hear what you think of it. So if you use it, tell us. Show us what you've done with it, and let a thousand Omaha-area geoservices bloom.

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